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Old's Cool: Free Download of Spy's Live Recording at The Verve Room

Here's a live recording of Spy's performance at The Verve Room in Malate circa 2003. We were fortunate to obtain a CD copy from our man, legendary percussionist and all around good guy, sir Paul Zialcita. He also got us the OK signal from tito Sammy (Asuncion) for the rights to public consumption. Most fitting that the music that keeps us free be given for free. Celebrate independence, live free. Download it here

Calling those who are mad organized with their music collection, please let us know the titles of the tracks if you know/ find them. Thanks!

Photo from their recently updated Spy Facebook Page which you should definitely check out. 

Featured Event: Rebolusyonaria

Thanks to everyone who came through to Route 196 last night! Much love to the bands- Yosha, Absolute Zero, Flying Ipis, General Luna, Pinoy Stories, and our partners/ co-sponsors- Stolichnaya Philippines, Team Manila, Jam 88.3FM, Nail it!, and 

Of course this celebration wouldn't be possible without Generic Mamaw, Locked Down Entertainment, and The Philippine Commission on Women.



Upcycled: Lagon Guitars by Agustin Lagon

Agustin Lagon's Guitars are fine examples of Filipino artistic ingenuity from Iloilo. The various kinds of bamboo that make up its design exude enough class to be played in the swankiest hotels. At the same time, it also looks comfy and right at home being played under a straw hut, by the beach, watching the sunset, after a day of catching waves, best accompanied by the stories and laughter of friends. Support your local guitar smith and order here.

Woodshed: FLOW Summer Workshop by the Philippine Parkour & FreeRunning Association

See video

The Philippine Parkour & FreeRunning Association gives us the opportunity to channel our inner action stars through their FLOW Summer Workshop. Learn tips, tricks, and proper techniques from experienced traceurs. Because it's always nice to be part of the circus when they come to town. Spot the details and join them here.  

TV On The Web: PurveyrTV Pilot Episode

See video

Purveyr has just released their pilot episode of PurveyrTV featuring local MC Abra and Nick Automatic's Nicolo Nimor. We greatly appreciate how much effort they put into this. Watch how it goes and don't forget to give them feedback here.



Featured Event: Play It Forward by Freedom Pad Zine

Event Date: 
Saturday, March 23, 2013 - 8pm


Join us, Freedom Pad Zine, and the rest of Holy Family School of QC dance to hits from the 80's and 90's.
Let's show our support for our sister Mendy Mendoza who is recovering from an aneurism and has yet to undergo a 4-vessel angiogram, brain surgery, and therapy. 
Have fun, hang with us, and help out at The Hydra Bar on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

Upcycled: P-Noise: The Philippine-Danish Music and Arts Connection

P-Noise serves as a showcase for Filipino and Danish talent on the world stage. We all know how sweet magic can be made by collaborations of artists from diverse backgrounds. These half-Danish, half- Filipino pastries of audio visual goodness are for us to experience, savor, and be inspired by our roots. Know more about the variety of great minds they work with here.

Out In The Streets: Push To Feed by Grupo Nopo and the Free Energy Cooperative

Seems the best way to prepare for the upcoming Visayan Longboarding Trilogy is to give back to the community.  Grupo Nopo and Free Energy Cooperative's Push To Feed project dishes out more of that stoke that makes us feel alive. Watch our skaters in Cebu pass the love around in the latest clip of Grupo Nopo Media

Woodshed: Comic Creation Contest Summer 2013 by Komikon

Komikon offers you a chance to show off your creative, inner Gerry Alanguilan genius with their comic creation contest. This time around, the theme is committed to fables. Or the stories we'd tell kidults about how and why things are the way they are before the advent of Google. The best yarn spinner shall be anounced at this year's annual Philippine Komiks Convention on April 13, 2013. View the contest details and mechanics here.

Upcycled: #LU by Blunt Magazine

Blunt Magazine offers us a glimpse into the world of wave riding from the recently concluded 8th Manila Surfer's Cup. With seven thousand islands lying around, chances are high that most already know the fatigue of paddling out to the break, swallowing copious amounts of seawater, and tirelessly waiting for that perfect wave. Of course that oh so sweet, fleeting moment of mind without mind bliss of being one with the ocean's motion makes it well worth playing on repeat. See their latest issue here.

Old's Cool: Saturday Market at Escolta by 98B

98B brings back the glory of Escolta's charm in the days when Spanish generals paraded through it. Much comparable to Colon St. in Cebu, Escolta used to be what BGC High Street is now. Just imagine it used to be where illustrados showed off how to carry the latest in pina barongs and mestizas traded gossip over steaming cups of tsokolate eh (at the local Starbucks no less). Get your vintage fix this Saturday or trade in those old comics of yours by getting a booth, details here. For all you know, someone just might be interested in that Atari console you're using as a stashbox.

Fresh Produce: Rezando Por Paz Mixtape by Liquid A

Have a dose of Liquid A's latest mixtape- Rezando Por Paz to gently fire up that lazy weekend blood.  Dance to her live beats like it's the end of the work week as she spins at M Cafe on Friday night. Because Mondays should always start right.

Out In The Streets: A Piece Of Egay Lorenzo's Psychedelia


Egay Lorenzo's job is working with colors. He instructs them to catch people's eyes and draw them into the canvass. They arrange themselves in neat order to the tune of the Beatles' Something or Zep's No Quarter.
As it's election season, we asked him which senators would star in a hypothetical movie about his life. 
He answers Bong Revilla could take his role and Loren legarda would probably do well as a leading lady.  
Seems politricks, much like his paintings, can be amusing under different lights.
Find him online here and see the rest of this psychedelic set in all of its blacklit glory.

Fresh Produce: New MEDISINA Shirts

MEDISINA has always been a personal favourite since they released their first shirt in 2008. What started out as propaganda merchandise for Brgy. Tibay, a popular monthly rock show held in Cafe Saguijo, has now evolved into a full blown clothing brand with a significant following. This new release deviates from their signature black/ white standard and clearly plays on the nostalgic appeal. Master of puppets pulling on strings yi! Spot their other designs at their newly renovated shop on 123 Pasig Blvd., Pasig City (


MEDISINA Facebook Page-

Featured Event: The Gas Money Show

Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 9pm


No gate charge!
A collection box will be placed outside the venue where you can rate the show:
P20 - I don't want to look like a free-loader so let's go minimum.
P50 - I only liked one band tonight, so here's half.
P100 - BEST SHOW EVURRRR *drinks more beer*
P100+ - Yo, I gotta stop drinking!
(Above rating system is not absolute, just pay however much you can or please.)
Your support that night will be divided among the performing bands. This "support" is a purely voluntary act (but don't voluntarily be a cheap-ass too. *wink wink*)
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